Our client service activities fall into three general areas:


Internal Revenue Code Section 409A imposes extensive requirements upon a company owners when it issues stock options to management. The practices commonly used by Boards of Directors for many years are no longer sufficient to protect either the company or the option recipient.

KCA can conduct a valuation that meets the Section 409A-imposed requirements. We can, moreover, do so rapidly, with little interruption of normal business activities and on a thoughtfully-priced basis.

Business Process Assessment and Analysis

We have found that many managers can benefit greatly from our independent --- and comprehensive --- review of one or more elements of their business. Sometimes it illuminates problems; in other instances it serves to support, endorse and validate many of the business and managerial practices already in use.

KCA’s activities in this area cover a wide range, but might typically include working capital management, SG&A and satellite office cost control, management reporting practices, due diligence, Board or shareholder relations enhancements, and similarly- focused assistance.

We have found these assessments of particular value in advance of attempting to raise capital, expand debt facilities, seek a financial or operating partner or consider a sale of the business.

Transactional Assistance

Our expertise has been an outgrowth of our long-standing experience with the transaction process and the ways in which transactions are similar, regardless of the type of company, its stage of development or the precise deal-related objective being sought.

We have been routinely involved in:

  • Private placements of debt and equity, including venture capital;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Bridge financings;
  • Growth capital, including subordinated debt and preferred stock;
  • Leveraged acquisitions and re-capitalizations;
  • Senior debt facilities;
  • Fairness opinions; and
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures