Our focus is assisting the owners of private companies who recognize the need to address vital issues and require thoughtful, company-specific advice and assistance.

We’ve looked deep inside hundreds of businesses over the years and have found that both problems and corrective processes are often similar, regardless whether a company is selling software . . . or manufacturing nuts and bolts.

We bring our expertise to bear in a variety of ways, from helping you manage your working capital to crafting investor presentations. In our engagements we’ve critiqued manufacturing processes, attacked cost structures, participated in hiring decisions, obtained debt and equity capital, conducted valuation analyses, arranged joint ventures and even sold companies to third parties.

Unlike many firms that deem themselves “investment banks”, transactions are but a part of what we do. And we don't write research reports. We rarely have public companies as clients, and we certainly don’t do IPO’s. We do not involve ourselves in retail brokerage or limited private offerings to high net worth individuals.

We think of ourselves as specialists - - - not merely in some narrow area of business activity or type of deal, but rather in the methods by which complex, time-consuming and crucial business issues are addressed and surmounted.

And we have been successful. Our team of professionals has put together an enviable track record of assistance that dates back many years.